Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing tech region’s in the world and recognizing this, we are introducing our very first Wild Digital Tech Awards this year. The awards are aimed at recognizing tech founders and companies who play an important role in energizing the digital ecosystem in this exciting part of the world.

The Wild Digital Tech Award nominees are successful founders and CEO's of tech companies who have displayed outstanding performance in the industry. They are innovative, bold and forward thinkers that look to create an impact in their respective fields.

Five (5) categories will be introduced at the inaugural launch of the Wild Digital Tech Awards:

(1) Most Funded Startup of the Year

The winning company has demonstrated a business model that has successfully attracted the highest amount of investment in 2016 within the region.

(2) Startup Disruptor of The Year

Companies who are chosen to present at the Startup Disruptor Arena will automatically be nominated for the award. The winning company has demonstrated a highly disruptive business model or invented innovative technology in the vertical that they operate in.

(3) #BOOM Startup of The Year

This award recognises startup companies who have demonstrated outstanding growth; whether in revenue, market expansion, new offering in technology and services or company valuation.

(4) #BOOM Scaleup of the Year

This award recognises scaleup companies who have demonstrated vast growth in their business and the ability to compete with other competitors, whilst creating sustainable growth. The winner demonstrates the potential to be the next Unicorn of Southeast Asia.

(5) Tech #femaleboss of the Year

This award recognizes female tech founders, CEOs or investors who are highly involved in the tech community within the region. They play a pivotal role in building and developing the digital landscape in Southeast Asia. They are looked to as a role model demonstrating strong leadership, innovative thinking and determination, which has led to her success in a male-dominant industry.

The award winners will be announced on Day 1 of Wild Digital Southeast Asia (24 May 2017). Please join us to celebrate this special occasion.

* If you would like any further information on the Wild Digital Tech Awards, please drop us an email at