Wild Digital Southeast Asia 2022

Day 1

Tuesday, September 6, 2022


3:45 pm

GMT +8


Panel Discussion

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We are now witnesses to a new technological revolution. Tech trends such as the Metaverse and Web3 are bridging the real and virtual worlds—transforming how we consume content and experience our day-to-day in completely new ways in recent years.  The possibilities are limitless and DeFi adoption has continued to rise significantly with the increase of blockchain-based financial products and services. Society not only interacts within the space through games, but also purchase goods, properties, and assert ownership rights in the Metaverse via NFTs. Many businesses have taken to exploring the digital realm despite the Metaverse still in its infancy stage.

In this session, our industry leaders will dive into new trends that are shaping businesses, how can NFTs assist in the digital transformation of businesses and sharing their perspective on where businesses are now and where we will heading. Come and listen in!

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