Waresix is a technology platform founded in 2017 that offers trucking, logistics and warehousing solutions for companies in Indonesia. By connecting shippers and businesses with available trucks and warehouses across Indonesia, Waresix offers a one-stop solution for transportation both by land and by sea, as well as cold storage and general cargo handling.

The company aims to optimise operational costs and logistics for companies navigating Indonesia’s archipelago of 17,000 islands by leveraging technology to provide better transparency, higher standards of service, and improved income for asset owners.

Currently, Waresix operates in more than 100 cities in Indonesia, and manages over 40,000 trucks and 375 warehouses. The company has received US$127.1 million in funding from leading VCs and investors such as EV Growth, Jungle Ventures, SoftBank Ventures Asia, EMTEK Group, Pavilion Capital and Redbadge Pacific.

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