Tagion is an independent and stable monetary system that gives financial power and control back to the citizens of the world. Together we build a global sustainable financial system independent of all other international financial institutions.

Tagion is a first of its kind. It is a unique ecosystem that has solved the issue of both scalability and security based on a decentralized model.

Tagion is not an asset, it is a money system with all what this entails. The way Tagion is building makes it possible to create sound money circulating in a democratic, stable network – driven by all. Sound money is a right and not a privilege.

 Built with Tagions bills, currency and exchange contracts, we offer the world a multi-currency monetary system with seamless exchange and transactions between all existing currencies in the world.

Tagion is founded by three Danes: Theis Simonsen, Kristian Vestergaard and Carsten Rasmussen. It has been developed by a team of idealistic people in co-creation with a multitude of actors. Tagion is based on six core values: Accountability, responsibility, trust, honesty, integrity, (empowerment), and community.

DECARD is a commercial entity developing applications on top of the Tagion system and is a core partner in developing and funding the Tagion project.

Today Tagion is owned by no one and everyone – which is the nature of a decentralized and open-source ecosystem.

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