We are a global team of art & technology lovers who stand out in their commitment to trust, transparency & honesty within the art industry. We believe technological innovation should - and can - build the art market's future.

That’s why we decided to move the art needle by building RtistiQ, a distinct physical and digital art marketplace that brings together artworks created by artists from over 38 countries. And because shopping for art requires a leap of faith, every RtistiQ customer is assured authentic artwork with provenance tracking. That means no forgery, copyright infringement, untraceable provenance, and overdue royalties.


• All-In-One Art Platform: Visual art across all mediums including traditional (physical) & digital art.

• Technology: Blockchain, NFT, and NFC to provide provenance tracking & authenticity of every artwork.

• Collections: Filled with stunning artworks, both physical & digital, spanning across countries and generations.

• Complimentary Art Advisory: From professional curators who understand the goals & tastes of art collectors, buyers & investors.

Our curated online art marketplace for physical and digital art embraces innovative technologies such as Blockchain, NFT, and NFC. It uses them to address issues around buying and selling art, such as the lack of transparency, forgery, copyright infringement, untrackable provenance, and overdue royalties.

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