OnlinePajak is all in one application to handle corporate taxes & administration faster & easier.

OnlinePajak has a mission to increase tax collection & remove corporate administration and taxes burden with 3 simple steps: prepare, pay & file taxes online in seamless integrated application.

With OnlinePajak, the corporate taxpayers can save lots of time to manage their monthly taxes, invoices and employee salary in one place, anytime, anywhere, without have to queue anymore at the tax office and bank.  OnlinePajak has been developed by PT Achilles Systems since September 2014 & now has over 700.000 users.

Achilles is a team of technology experts led by Charles Guinot.  As a business, we understand how much time administrative duties such as payroll, tax payment, and customer relationship management require. This is why we use our expertise to design value-adding and innovative solutions that help businesses run smoother, faster, and better. These solutions take the form of Software As A Service (SAAS) applications offered on an integrated online platform.

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