Company: RISE

Title: Co-Founder & CEO


Residing Country: Thailand

Industry: Corporate Innovation


Dr. Kid is a serial entrepreneur who, at the age of 19, developed and sold the first mobile stock trading application for the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 2005. 

He’s now CEO and Co-founder at RISE — Corporate Innovation Powerhouse, where he consults large conglomerate MNCs to innovate faster through RISE’s Corporate Innovation Platform, which is known for its Global Accelerator Program, Intrapreneur University, Venture Building Services, and Corporate Innovation Summit - Asia’s Largest Experiential Conference.  

With the mission to lift up 1% of GDP of Southeast Asia region, RISE has been creating the global ecosystem for corporate innovation with a network of more than 400 corporations, 4,000 startups, and over 20,000 corporate innovators and partners in 40 countries around the world, contributing to a combined impact of over USD 1.2 billion. 

Previously, he founded MCFIVA, a digital advertising agency which manages multi-million advertising campaigns for Fortune 500 companies in Thailand and Southeast Asia. In 2013, D2C Inc (Japan) -NTT Docomo Group of companies acquired a sizable stake in MCFIVA and invested into the company to expand into SEA.  



The disruptive innovation.


In March 2020, RISE announced that it has raised USD 8 million in seed funding, which is considered as one of the largest Seed rounds in Southeast Asia. The fresh funds will be used to supercharge its tech-enabled corporate innovation platform that will enable RISE to scale its services exponentially beyond Thailand to Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia — to assist corporations in these countries in transforming their businesses through innovation. 

Although corporations in Southeast Asia have been innovating and giving importance to corporate innovation, about 91% of the organizations still face challenges in pushing corporate innovation to reach their goals, or not being able to scale or expand the outcome of innovations any further.  

 RISE has come up with a new Corporate Innovation Maturity Model (CIMM) to measure the level of innovation each corporation is currently undergoing in order to help define and set working plans and guidelines to drive innovations in the right directions. This is to guide organizations in developing the capacity in creating corporate innovation and advise them on the 6 important factors of organization around People Attributes and Technology Attributes as indicators to leap forward and accelerate the success of corporate innovation.