Company: Saison Capital

Title: Principal


Residing Country: Singapore

Industry: Venture Capital



Jeng Yang is a Principal at Saison Capital, a VC fund, investing in startups globally and in all verticals, but especially in emerging markets like Southeast Asia and India. Previously, he was the 5th employee for Antler (pre-team accelerator + early-stage VC), investing and setting up offices in Europe, as well as building out an e-commerce company in Pakistan/Sri Lanka for Rocket Internet that was bought by Alibaba. 


On the side, he is Co-Founder of Shaper Impact Capital, a platform and newsletter that helps early-stage startups with an impact connect with resources they need for their next stage of growth; and runs good-admission, a HBS admissions advice-for-charity platform. He is an angel investor into marketplace/consumer platforms. 



The disruptive innovation.


After seeing a similar effort by VC firms in the United States, Jeng Yang launched a “community-led” regional initiative named SEAcosystem to help startup employees laid off due to the fallout from the COVID-19 outbreak find new opportunities. The initiative is jointly spearheaded by Simin Liu, an analyst at FutureLabs Ventures; and Rachael De Foe, a freelance communications consultant. 

The initiative consists of a public database of affected employees who can opt to have their names, functions and contact details included in it. The database will be shared on the social media platforms of participating VC firms, including Saison Capital, FutureLabs, Jungle Ventures, Alpha JWC, Convergence Ventures, Tribe Accelerator and more. 

Interested applicants with at least one year of working experience can apply to have their names included on the database via a form. Their application will be verified by one of the supporting VC firms before being listed on the database, which is public and transparent so that the community can organically reach out to the right people on an individual basis. The database will also include a list of companies that are still hiring in the region.  

Source: The Straits Times