Company: Myanmar Recycles

Title: Co-Founder & COO


Residing Country: Myanmar

Industry: Waste Management

Joint Nominee: Mimi Wu, Co-Founder & CEO



Henry manages the company’s production operations, including processing, maintenance, and inventory; and business development. Henry has 9 years of Myanmar experience managing large infrastructure projects. He has a strong background in business administration and project management with prior experience at PNG Balsa (sustainable balsa tree grower and manufacturer, Papua New Guinea); Rio Tinto Alcan (aluminum manufacturing, Germany); Andaman Capital Partners (Myanmar); and Infra Capital Myanmar.  

Henry has several years’ experience in hands-on roles ranging from operating and maintaining large machinery on the largest cotton farm in Australia, implementing quality control procedures for Lloyds Register at PNG Balsa (the second largest balsa wood manufacturing company in the world), installing water reticulation facilities in Australia, and working as a construction apprentice in a ski resort in Australia.    


The disruptive innovation.


Myanmar Recycles (MR) is one of few companies in the world that is collecting and mechanically recycling conventionally "unrecyclable", "valueless", hard-to-recycle single-use plastic bags/film that are significantly contributing to our global plastic waste crisis.  

For the recycling industry and informal collection networks, MR has developed technological processes and systems to collect, wash, and recycle otherwise ignored household plastic waste. MR has trained over 150 low-skilled workers at its recycling plant and engaged over 230 marginalized, unskilled plastic collectors, who often lack national ID cards, prohibiting them from entering the formal work force.   
For the plastics industry, MR is supplying quality recycled resin from post-consumer (household) plastic. This is a cheaper alternative to both virgin (new) and post-industrial plastics, allowing the manufacturer to incorporate required ratios of recycled content to produce the same end products.  

Finally, MR is undergoing accreditation with Verra and the 3R Initiative to join the first ever global plastic credit trading scheme. This will allow brands, plastic producers, oil and gas, and others along the plastic creation chain to minimize their global plastic footprint by purchasing recycling credits from MR. This credits system is set to launch in Q4 2021. 




Myanmar Recycles has a clear vision and path to globally implement our post-consumer plastic recycling solution; transform multi-layer packaging and post-consumer plastic into durable, value added construction products; and serve as a global leader and policy driver on plastic pollution reduction.

Working with garbage, particularly the dirtiest end-of-life landfilled waste, requires industrial-scale operational capability and, most importantly, passion and perseverance. Few globally have this blend, and it is why global brands recognize MR as a strong potential partner and why the Alliance to End Plastic Waste has selected MR for its End Plastic Waste Innovation Accelerator, which recognizes high-potential plastic waste management companies.