BOOM21: Recognising Southeast Asia's Disruptors

From the start, Wild Digital's focus was always about being the avenue for entrepreneurs. 2020 has been an undeniably disruptive year — so, we thought, why not put the spotlight on our region's tech disruptors instead, and honor them for the positive and beneficial impact they bring towards their organisation or community at large?

Thus, we created BOOM21 — a new list for the new year. BOOM21 aims to identify and recognise 21 deserving individuals for their disruptive innovations within Southeast Asia’s tech space, and is set to be one of Wild Digital’s main events for 2021.


BOOM21 List

BOOM stands for Bold, Original, Outstanding Minds – in reference to Wild Digital’s vision to highlight the region’s best and to provide a platform for further dialogue and engagement.

Check out the first year of BOOM21 Disruptors! Click here to view the full list. 



BOOM Conference

In addition to the list, BOOM21 will be held in conjunction with a one-day virtual conference featuring Wild Digital’s signature Main Stage program of fast-paced panel sessions and presentations.


 31 March 2021

 LIVE Broadcast (Worldwide)














The Fine Print

Before you submit your nomination, please take note of the following criteria:

*Nomination closed on 29 January 2021*


| Age limit: 

There are no age limits for the list. You can be 10 or you can be 80 — everyone will be judged based on their overall innovation and impact. 


| Innovation:

What do we mean when we say "innovation"? It's a broad word, and that's simply because we believe that we should not box ideas into neat, restrictive categories. Innovation could be a new product you invented, or perhaps a smart manufacturing process you've implemented that is eco-friendly — there are no limits to disruption.

The main criteria is HOW your innovation has changed things up or solved existing problems. What makes it different? How impactful is this innovation? What are its continuity or sustainable opportunities? Those are just some of the quantitative and qualitative metrics that we will be evaluating the nominations by. Therefore, it would help us review better if you could be as concise as possible on what your innovation is and how it has impacted its respective industry.

The innovation can already be in place and in use, but if it's a product, nominees must at the very least have a working prototype of the innovation. Nominees must also have launched or implemented their innovation between the period of 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2020


| Eligible countries: 

The BOOM21 list covers only residents based in Southeast Asia: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, Timor-Leste and Vietnam. This means all those residing in the region and whose innovations and impact are mainly in these countries are eligible, regardless of their country of origin or citizenship. 

We want to both recognise the talent we have here, as well as highlight the innovative changes that are happening in the region. 


| Categories: 

At the moment, BOOM21 does not distinguish between categories. As long as the nominee's innovation falls within the tech space, they qualify. This includes verticals such as healthtech, telecommunications, media, entertainment, defense, education, financial and more.


| Joint nominees: 

If an innovation has more than one creator or founder, we consider all co-creators and co-founders as a joint nomination. Make sure to include their names and details as indicated on the form. 


| Judges: 

By January, the WILD! Rockstars – our expert panel of judges – will assemble and begin the central task of identifying our final top 21 disruptors. Representing a diverse range of industries, the WILD! Rockstars are changemakers in their own right and no strangers to disruptive innovations. Their accumulative experience and insight will be invaluable when helping to vet the shortlisted BOOM21 nominees, and determining the individuals deserving of recognition.


| Selection process: 

January to February 2021 ➤

All nominations including internal nominations will be collated and reviewed by the Wild Digital team for the first round of shortlist. If you get shortlisted, we will either reach out directly to you or the person who nominated you for more information and fact-checking. Once all information has been verified, we will hand it over to our panel of esteemed judges to do the final vetting for the top 21 disruptors.

February 2021 ➤

The BOOM21 disruptors will be revealed on our newsletter, website, media and events across Asia.