Company: uHoo

Title: Co-Founder & CEO


Residing Country: Singapore

Industry: Real Estate



Dustin Jefferson S. Onghanseng is the Co-Founder and CEO of uHoo, a Singapore-based global environmental health platform. 

Prior to starting uHoo in 2014, Dustin worked as a Senior Consultant with Deloitte where he developed a corporate strategy that helped turnaround Deloitte Southeast Asia to profitability and grew revenue by 20% annually for 2 consecutive years. He improved business processes of various Fortune 500 and large local companies that resulted on average, a 10% reduction in workflow time and enhanced corporate governance and regulatory compliance. 

Dustin advised life sciences and healthcare firms in the USA, Singapore and Malaysia and helped them raise 8-figure US$ rounds for further growth. Dustin also worked as an Analyst for BDO Raffles Consultants where he was responsible for developing an overseas market entry strategy that resulted in the successful overseas expansion of a Taiwanese-listed manufacturing firm into India. 


The disruptive innovation.


uHoo has created the world's most comprehensive air quality monitor to make homes and workplaces healthier, safer and more sustainable. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, they also created and launched the uHoo Virus Index — world's first, patented, and only real-time assessment of coronavirus risk. 

The device can tell you, scientifically and in real-time, the risk of the coronavirus surviving and becoming transmittable in the air in any indoor space, based on your indoor environmental data. With this kind of assessment, you can take immediate action to reduce coronavirus risk. 
uHoo is has also launched a new commercial / industrial focused product. The new product is branded as the best-in-class environment monitor (patented) that would disrupt the entire indoor environmental monitoring industry and what it means to be a healthy, green and sustainable building and workplace. It is a significant upgrade to what uHoo currently offers and what their competitors currently offer in the market. 




  • 2020 Meaningful Business 100 (MB100) - one of the 100 global leaders that combines purpose and profit.