Company: Shipper

Title: Co-Founder & COO


Residing Country: Indonesia

Industry: Logistics


Budi is the Co-Founder of Shipper, an innovative tech start-up that transforms Indonesian shipping and fulfilment experience to be easier and more convenient. With 12 years of entrepreneurship experience, Budi offers a world class ability to capture market needs, look for exciting new opportunities, and create laser-cut technology solutions for those needs. 

Prior to founding Shipper back in 2017, Budi has founded several tech startups. In 2011, He created OCash, a virtual currency system in Australia to help the payment system for Australian gamers. Ocash’s outstanding business performance was attractive to bigger businesses, and was finally acquired by MOL Malaysia. Budi led this acquisition process and acted as MOL Australia Director afterwards. Driven by the spirit of innovation, Budi envisions Shipper to ease pain points in the Indonesian shipping and fulfilment process, and to create the best logistic experience for customers. 


The disruptive innovation.


Indonesian online retail is expected to grow in the next five years to US$100B. However, inefficient logistics is a major impediment restraining online retail penetration, and Indonesian logistics is one of the most challenging in the region given its vast land and many islands. 

Shipper is a data-driven, variable-capacity platform that connects hundreds of traditional logistics players across Indonesia, and aims to solve the complexity of logistics in Indonesia by enabling allocation and cost efficiencies, nationwide scale, and end-to-end visibility. Shipper's approach has enabled the company to build a network and scale rapidly within a few years, while others have taken multiple decades to build. 

Shipper’s tech-enabled experience and massive network improve logistics operation for Indonesia’s SMEs, especially growing their online businesses. Their customers’ reach now expands across and beyond Indonesia, with logistics costs reduced by 15-20%. Shipper enables its logistics partners to level up, grow, and collaborate with the ecosystem that Shipper has created. For example, their partners can access a universal network, including 2,000+ Shipper offline stations and 40+ warehouses, and deliver to 350+ cities within the Shipper network. For traditional logistics players, Shipper helps them transform their day-to-day ops by giving them access to the transport management system built by Shipper. Last but not least, through Shipper Agent, business opportunities are actively being created for Indonesia, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.